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280Z RepairAuto Cool 50

The Auto Cool 50 is a solid state pulse width modulated radiator fan temperature controller. With this technology, the fan RPM will control the temperature of your radiator and safe energy. It has an internal resettable 50 amp circuit breaker that will open at 50 amps and reset when you cycle the power. Be sure you know your fan current before you order. The Auto Cool 50 will power one or more fans to about 45 amps maximum.

If you fan runs over 40 amp you may want to order the Auto Cool 85 for a margin of safety.

The Auto Cool 50 is shipped (default) with the 10 to15 second cool down timer. Pull out the internal jumper for a one minute cool down timer. This keeps the fan active after the ignition has been turned off. Auto Cool controllers have Soft Start that limits the inrush starting currrent from DC fan motors. A real relay killer!

Auto Cool 50 has A/C fan speed control with a small pot on the back side of the controller. Fail Safe mode puts the fan or fans into high RPM. You can turn the fail safe on and off at will with a small switch on the dash.

All controllers are sold with the standard brass sensor. If you have a plastic radiator OUTFLOW port, ask Mark about the inline copper sensors.

All Auto Cool Controllers are sold with a ONE year warranty.

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