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280Z RepairAuto Cool

If you are having cooling problems with your older Datsun Z in slow or stalled traffic, take a close look at AUTO COOL. Let Mark and his crew at Mikes Z Shop remove your old belt driven fan and install a DC electric fan.

A DC electric fan and AUTO COOL will keep your radiator and engine cool this summer. The sensor just slips under the current radiator hose - so no cutting or changes are needed with your radiator hoses. If you change cars later, AUTO COOL is easy to remove and replace in another car. All the terminals are silk-screen on the top cover and easy to understand.

AUTO COOL is a new radiator temperature controller that will switch your fan on and off to keep your radiator under control for decades. This is a new design, not 1920s technology of an expanding fluid pushing a piston, pushing a fan switch. AUTO COOL has an internal 30 relay for switching your DC fan on. When you switch the A/C on, AUTO COOL turns the radiator DC fan on full until you switch the A/C off. This A/C feature is automatic with AUTO COOL!

AUTO COOL is made out of heavy steel and powder coated for a long service life. AUTO COOL has a control knob on the front of the unit to set the idle temperature of your radiator.

Many have been sold and installed with happy Datsun Z owners and best of all its made right here in Southern California, USA!

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